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Website ProgrammingBusiness Website Programming - Shopping Carts and beyond

Some examples of business website programming we can offer is listed below. We work with PHP, MySQL, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript/JQuery, CSS and have web server configuration and administration experience.

We can also install, configure and skin everything from message boards to popular CMS packages such as Joomla! or WordPress.

Open-Source CustomizationOpen-Source Solutions can Save You Time and Money

templatemonster.com-28739Our experience installing and customizing open-source software for business websites is extensive. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to developing a custom business website application, this approach may be just what you need. Give us a description of your requirements and let us do the research and evaluation of what's available. We will present you with a list of suitable projects, their license requirements (most often free) and an initial estimate of what it would take to customize it to meet your business website needs.

Why pay a developer to create an image gallery or even a complete on-line dating website when so much open-source code is available? Spend your resources on modifications and enhancements to your business website instead.

Business Website Integration - Build to Web Standards W3C XHTML 1.0 Validated

templatemonster.com-29021Your website developer's own website pages should pass this test. Copy and paste a link to a web page here to see the results of W3C's free validation service. It's the de facto tool for validating website pages. While you're at it, if you have a website you may want to try a link to one of your own pages to see the results.

Why is it important to pass validation? Because it gives your website pages the best chance of rendering on-screen as expected, based on the web standard they were built on. Sometimes even minor page errors can cause major display problems in browsers. Even worse, search engine spiders can fail to retrieve a page's complete contents because of HTML coding errors that take just minutes to fix.

We've seen pages that have been on-line for years but that weren't listed or listed with only partial content in search engines because their software (spiders) encountered coding errors. Keep in mind that these search engine spiders view only text on your site and their programming is sophisticated but not as "forgiving" as a web browser.